Summer School "Fraunhofer Photonica"

Quelle: Fraunhofer-Verbund Light & Surfaces

With Fraunhofer Photonica, 20 young scientists have the opportunity to discover photonics research at leading photonics research institutes. Even before graduating their master’s studies, students can broaden their knowledge and perspective on photonics research and applications.



Get to know leading photonics research institutes across Germany

In many ways, photonics and photonic technologies serve as a foundation for our modern society. As the science of employing light as a tool for the benefit of humans, photonics drive innovations in an increasing number of fields, ranging from optical communication, lighting, displays and imaging to production technologies, life science, health and environmental science.

Fraunhofer Photonica will take place from 17.09. to 29.09.2023. Young scientists will visit five research institutes in four cities, in a two-week trip Freiburg – Aachen – Dresden – Jena. Travel and accommodation cost will be covered. At each site, a topical scientific program with hands-on practical elements will provide insights into and different perspectives on photonics.

Your benefits:

  • Discover latest topics in photonics research on site
  • Get to know five leading research institutes with top-level research and career opportunities
  • Visit four exciting cities and research hubs across Germany
  • Discuss and exchange ideas with our experts and other young scientists

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