32. Electronic Displays Conference – Call for Papers

The 32nd electronic displays Conference (edC) is the established conference in Europe for promoting the dialogue and discussion between engineers, researchers, users and manufacturers/distributors in the field of electronic displays and systems equipped with displays. We are looking for contributions from research & development and applications as well as market trends.

Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Display technologies (LCD, OLED, LED, E-paper, flexible displays, (pico-) projection, new technologies like micro-LEDs ...)
  • Display applications (e-signage, automotive, avionic, consumer, industrial, information, medical, mobile, requirements, solutions ...)
  • Driving and interfaces (controller, software, FPGA, LVDS, HMDI, embedded DISPLAYPORT ...)
  • Touch screens (techniques, software, optimizations, measurement, haptic feedback ...)
  • GUI, HMI (software, methods, solutions ...)
  • 3D (3D display technologies, reproduction, software, evaluation ...)
  • Measurement tasks (display and image quality, ambient light)
  • System aspects and integration (embedded systems, lifetime, environmental conditions, ...)
  • Display subassemblies (backlight, housing, power supply ...)
  • Supply chain (quality assurance, customized displays, reliability, logistics, ...)
  • Market data (FPD, touch, interfaces, applications, …)

Why submit a paper?

Get a large impact in the display community: edC is Europe’s largest conference on electronic displays and their applications. Some 50+ contributions and 450+ attendees from all over Europe, USA and Asia made the edC a huge success in 2017!
The audience covers the whole value chain: decision makers, engineers and industry professionals. Your presentation will be in the conference proceedings for long term impact.

Important deadlines / dates:

  • Abstract Submission: October 6, 2017
  • Notification of authors: week 42 or 43 / 2017
  • Paper or presentation for edC proceedings: January 19, 2018

How to submit a paper:

Until October 6th, 2017 you will have the opportunity to submit your paper. Requirements for submission: Contact data incl. biography/CV, presentation title, short abstract (max. 50 words), summary (~ 500 words). If all is well prepared, the submission can be done in 15 minutes!

Please find more details about the Call for Papers and the online submission tool at www.electronic-displays.de or in the attached Flyer. For any questions or further details, please contact Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach (kb(at)displaylabor.de).

Please note: The conference language is English.