OptoSigma: New Partnership with ASE Optics Europe

OptoSigma Corporation, a global manufacturer based in the USA, Japan, and Europe, and ASE Optics Europe, an innovative company based in Barcelona, Spain, have entered into a new partnership and distribution agreement. From today, ASE Optics Europe is the official representative of Optosigma‘s products in Spain.

Within this agreement, both companies offer the market the perfect combination in the optics industry: the high quality optical and optomechanical components, provided by Optosigma, together with the custom optical systems design and integration expertise offered by ASE Optics Europe. The standarized custom optical and optomechanical solutions are now available to all customers that requiere high-precision and high-quality solutions in optics.   

“Partnering with ASE Optics gives us the unique chance to provide a closer, more personal and still experienced support of our products to our customers in the Spanish Market.
We trust ASE Optics’ great experience and knowledge in the photonics market to perfectly complement our desire to have a more global reach of our services. This partnership opens even more possibilities for industries and researchers in Spain, from OEM projects to special products in addition to off the shelf components. We are ready to take on your challenges, “says Guy EAR, CEO of OptoSigma Europe S.A.S

"Photonics product development and research require having an access to quality products with the possibility for customized solutions. OptoSigma brings this balance to the market, coupled with a solid team with global experience, and with a clear dedication to customer satisfaction, which we have witnessed first-hand.  This partnership with OptoSigma perfectly complements ASE’s capabilities for optical and photonics systems engineering, allowing us to bring solutions to the Spanish photonics market.  This enables new opportunities in advancing innovations, quality products, customization, all the way through full integration capabilities, from unique products to series production “, says Andrés Cifuentes, CEO of ASE Optics Europe.

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