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Webinar: Basics and applications of good SAXS, OptecBB e.V.,

Webinar: Basics and applications of good SAXS: Quantifying the fine structure of lots of materials Webinar within the scope of the focus area Optical Analytics Abstract: In contrast to the crisp,...
City: Berlin

27.05.2020 Enough seats
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Webinar: A Quantum Technology Challenge

Webinar: A Quantum Technology Challenge: Magnetometry with Atoms, Optical Clocks, and industrial packaging approaches Agenda: Magnetometry with AtomsDr. Szymon Pustelny (Jagiellonian University...
City: Berlin

04.06.2020 Enough seats
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LANE 2020 - 11th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies

LANE 2020 offers a platform for an international exchange of ideas, opinions, perspectives, results and solutions concerning photonic technologies. In order to give a detailed overview, the conference...
City: Fürth

05.09.2020 - 09.09.2020 external Event
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7th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies

The event focusses on new developments in all fields of IR technology such as detectors, sources and filters, instrument subsystems, as well as commercial applications. Short, concise presentations...
City: Olching

09.11.2020 - 10.11.2020 external Event